China's 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up

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Enhancing Mutual Understanding between China and the Outside World

editor image © SpringerForty years ago, when China began to embark upon domestic reform and opening up to the outside world, Chinese leaders and strategists reassessed the external surroundings. They had two major findings. First, in contrast with the observations in Mao Zedong years that China had faced grave dangers of war, the Beijing leadership concluded after 1978 that general peace in the world could be maintained, and therefore China could concentrate on its reconstruction. Second, China had wasted too much time during the ten-year Cultural Revolution when not only had the Western world become prosperous but many neighboring countries and regions, most saliently Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, had enjoyed rapid economic growth. Read more

Prof. Wang Jisi is the distinguished scholar in International Relations, President of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University and the Editor-in-Chief of China International Strategic Review (CISR)

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