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© SpringerSCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy is a monthly peer-reviewed research journal, founded in 2003, that is committed to publishing high-quality, original results in both basic and applied research in fields of physics, mechanics, and astronomy. According to the latest statistics released by the Journal Citation Reports, the 2018 Impact Factor (IF) of SCIENCE CHINA: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy (SCPMA) has reached 3.986, ranking at 11(14%, Q1) among 81 journals in the category "Physics, Multidisciplinary". 

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Magnetospheric Multiscale Overview and Science Objectives

Fast Plasma Investigation for Magnetospheric Multiscale

The Magnetospheric Multiscale Magnetometers

Space Science Reviews

© Springer

A history of solar activity over millennia

Flare Observations

Large gradual solar energetic particle events

Living Reviews in Solar Physics

© Springer

Chemical abundances in high-redshift galaxies: a powerful new emission line diagnostic

Fractal basins of attraction in the planar circular restricted three-body problem with oblateness and radiation pressure

GUP assisted Hawking radiation of rotating acoustic black holes

Astrophysics and Space Science

© Springer

Reconstruction of the Sunspot Group Number: The Backbone Method

Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares: An Overview of Recent Results

A New Calibrated Sunspot Group Series Since 1749: Statistics of Active Day Fractions

Solar Physics

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Facilities for Simulation of Microgravity in the ESA Ground-Based Facility Programme

Impact of Thermodiffusion on the Initial Vertical Distribution of Species in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Shadowgraph Analysis of Non-equilibrium Fluctuations for Measuring Transport Properties in Microgravity in the GRADFLEX Experiment

Microgravity Science and Technology

© Springer

Cooling of Accretion-Heated Neutron Stars

The Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager on AstroSat

In-orbit Performance of UVIT and First Results

Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy

© Springer

Stellar Mass-Halo Mass Relation and Star Formation Efficiency in High-Mass Halos

Analysis of the Z Distribution of Young Objects in the Galactic Thin Disk

Kinematic analysis of solar-neighborhood stars based on RAVE4 data

Astronomy Letters

Featured Interview with Professor Ip

Understand and Accept the Diversity of Space Science and Complexity of Space Technology


Professor Wing-Huen IP, K. T. Li Chair Professor at the Institutes of Astronomy and Space Sciences, National Central University. During the interview, he has answered few questions about recent hot topics/trends, development of Space Science in China and challenges, human mission to mars and the 'aliens guess'. He is the Founding Editor of the Springer monograph series on “Atmosphere, Earth, Ocean and Space (AEONS), including Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Corona and Heliosphere, which will be published in September 2019.

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