• Selected book chapters free to access until 24 May 2020.
  • Read about the Apollo lunar landing sites, PixInsight, star maps, and more!

Stargazing in a time of lockdowns

Do you love to stargaze? Are you passionate about astronomy? We've put together a collection of book chapters to help you pursue your love of the night skies at home during this difficult time. All chapters are free to read until 24 May 2020.

Our recently released highlight book “Luna Cognita” takes you on an incomparable journey of the Moon. Follow this up with free content on how to locate the Apollo 11 landing site or what equipment to use when observing under suburban skies. Keep your mind exploring as you read about the Mars rover Curiosity, the meteor that flew over Russia in 2013, and other astronomy and space-related topics.

We invite you to read and share our exciting collection - all chapters are free until 24 May 2020.  

Explore our book highlight: Luna Cognita

© SpringerLuna Cognita - A Comprehensive Observer’s Handbook of the Known Moon

  • An unparalleled collection of lunar history, science, and observing techniques
  • Written in an accessible, engaging style for readers of all backgrounds
  • All three volumes sold as a combined set for a one-time purchase!

Read the free chapter: Photographing the Moon

Take a closer look at selected free chapters

These four books are for amateur astronomers of all levels who are interested in observing the night sky with their personal equipment. They are part of The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series.

© SpringerStargazing Under Suburban Skies

A Star-Hopper's Guide enabling observers to find popular and more unusual objects 

Free online chapter: Equipment for Suburban Skies

© SpringerInside PixInsight

Explaining how to improve your digital images drastically by using the PixInsight software

Free online chapter: Image Evaluation

© SpringerHow to Find the Apollo Landing Sites

Helps locating the Apollo landing sites and provides history on each mission

Free online chapter: Apollo 11

© SpringerChoosing and Using a New CAT

Including technology and software systems developed in the last 10 years

Coming soon!

These four books are for space and astronomy enthusiasts who want to read more about history, technology, and exploration. They are part of the Springer Praxis Books Series.

© SpringerStar Maps

An extensive reference book for map collectors, amateur astronomers, and historians of astronomy and art

Free online chapter: Early European star maps

© SpringerChelyabinsk Superbolide

Offers a look into the private "science kitchen" of the Chelyabinsk investigation

Free online chapter: Meteors, meteorites and the Chelyabinsk superbolide: main facts

© SpringerThe Design and Engineering of Curiosity

Based on interviews with the scientists and engineers who built and now operate the rover

Free online chapter: Mars Operations

© SpringerApollo Mission Control

Includes anecdotes by flight controllers about their duties and time on-console during historic Apollo missions

Free online chapter: The Original Mission Control Center

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