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Robotics and AI

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Robotics and AI

Scientists/scholars like you worldwide have achieved countless inspirational breakthroughs in the field of Robotics and AI in recent times. And you’ve chosen to publish many of those discoveries with us.

You’ll see some selected highlights of these breakthroughs below. Our Editors—who in the course of their daily work see nearly the entire range of published research—have chosen the journals, books and articles from the field of Robotics and AI they think will inspire your next work most. In addition to this you can also see insightful blog posts from some of our authors and editors, along with more information on the publishing process.

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Smart Agriculture

The book series Smart Agriculture presents progress of smart agricultural technologies, which includes, but not limited to, specialty crop harvest robotics, UAV technologies for row crops, innovative IoT applications in plant factories, and big data for optimizing production process. It includes both theoretical study and practical applications, with emphasis on systematic studies.

Offshore Robotics

The purpose of this multidisciplinary and peer-reviewed series is to rapidly report and spread the latest technological results, new scientific discovery and valuable applied researches in the fields concerning with offshore robotics as well as promote international academic exchange.

Intelligent Control and Learning Systems

The Springer book series Intelligent Control and Learning Systems addresses the emerging advances in intelligent control and learning systems from both mathematical theory and engineering application perspectives. This book series involves applications in industrial engineering, control engineering, and material engineering, etc. 

Journal Articles

Hastily formed knowledge networks and distributed situation awareness for collaborative robotics

from Autonomous Intelligent Systems

Mechatronic Design of a Robot for Upper Limb Rehabilitation at Home

from Journal of Bionic Engineering

Sequencing of multi-robot behaviors using reinforcement learning

from Control Theory and Technology

A review on drones controlled in real-time

from International Journal of Dynamics and Control

Adaptive Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture Models for Shape Approximation in Robot Grasping

from International Journal of Fuzzy Systems

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques to Implement a Practical Smart Cage Aquaculture Management System

from Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

Spatio-temporal graph convolutional neural network for remaining useful life estimation of aircraft engines

from Aerospace Systems

Development of a camera-based remote diagnostic system focused on color reproduction using color charts

from Artificial Life and Robotics

Design and implementation of a maxi-sized mobile robot (Karo) for rescue missions

from ROBOMECH Journal

Integrating Social Assistive Robots, IoT, Virtual Communities and Smart Objects to Assist at-Home Independently Living Elders: the MoveCare Project

from International Journal of Social Robotics

Depth-camera-based rebar detection and digital reconstruction for robotic concrete spraying

from Construction Robotics

Control System Architecture for Automatic Recovery of Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in a Moving Arrest System

from Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

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