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Statistics and Computing

Editorial: special edition on probabilistic numerics

by M. Girolami, I. C. F. Ipsen, C. J. Oates, A. B. Owen & T. J. Sullivan 

Probabilistic linear solvers: a unifying view

by Simon Bartels, Jon Cockayne, Ilse C. F. Ipsen & Philipp Hennig 

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Statistics in Biosciences

Regression Models for Compositional Data: General Log-Contrast Formulations, Proximal Optimization, and Microbiome Data Applications

by Patrick L. Combettes & Christian L. Müller

Binormal Precision–Recall Curves for Optimal Classification of Imbalanced Data

by Zhongkai Liu & Howard D. Bondell 

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Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics

Computer Model Calibration Based on Image Warping Metrics: An Application for Sea Ice Deformation

by Yawen Guan, Christian Sampson, J. Derek Tucker, Won Chang, Anirban Mondal, Murali Haran & Deborah Sulsky 

Exploration and Inference in Spatial Extremes Using Empirical Basis Functions

by Samuel A. Morris, Brian J. Reich & Emeric Thibaud 

Vecchia Approximations of Gaussian-Process Predictions

by Matthias Katzfuss, Joseph Guinness, Wenlong Gong & Daniel Zilber 

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Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Distributions of pattern statistics in sparse Markov models

by Donald E. K. Martin