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Journal of Mathematics in Industry

© Springer

​​​​​An epidemic model integrating direct and fomite transmission as well as household structure applied to COVID-19

by Karunia Putra Wijaya, Naleen Ganegoda, Yashika Jayathunga, Thomas Götz, Moritz Schäfer & Peter Heidrich

Early stage COVID-19 disease dynamics in Germany: models and parameter identification

By Thomas Götz & Peter Heidrich 

Boundary Value Problems

© Springer

​​​​​Dynamic analysis of a stochastic four species food-chain model with harvesting and distributed delay

by Nafeisha Tuerxun, Zhidong Teng & Wei Chen

Journal of Biomedical Semantics

© Springer

​​​​​IrGO: Iranian traditional medicine General Ontology and knowledge base

by Ayeh Naghizadeh, Mahdi Salamat, Donya Hamzeian, Shaghayegh Akbari, Hossein Rezaeizadeh, Mahdi Alizadeh Vaghasloo, Reza Karbalaei, Mehdi Mirzaie, Mehrdad Karimi & Mohieddin Jafari

An ontology-based approach for developing a harmonised data-validation tool for European cancer registration

By Nicholas Charles Nicholson, Francesco Giusti, Manola Bettio, Raquel Negrao Carvalho, Nadya Dimitrova, Tadeusz Dyba, Manuela Flego, Luciana Neamtiu, Giorgia Randi & Carmen Martos