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Explore this special selection of highlights in books and journals, news and updates with free access to chapters and articles! Discover the High Performance Computing Series! Editor Satoshi Matsuoka, was the key scientist and manager responsible for the Fugaku success in May, his team developed the most powerful, most efficient computer in the world.  The CCF Transactions on High Performance Computing launched in 2019 and all articles published in 2019& 2020 are freely available to read until the end of 2020. Please do contact us should you have any publishing plans or questions.

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High-Performance Computing Series

Series Editor: Satoshi Matsuoka

This new series publishes authored monographs, textbooks, and edited state-of-the-art collections covering the whole spectrum of technologies for supercomputers and high-performance computing, and computational science and engineering enabled by high-performance computing series (HPC).

Topics include advanced algorithms for HPC; large-scale applications involving massive-scale HPC; innovative HPC processor and machine architectures; high-performance / low-latency system interconnects; HPC in the Cloud; Data science / Big Data / visualization driven by HPC; convergence of machine learning / artificial intelligence with HPC; performance modeling, measurement, and tools for HPC; programing languages, compilers, and runtime systems for HPC; operating system and other system software for HPC; HPC systems operations and management.

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High-Performance Computing Series

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