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Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications

Introduction to Global Optimization

Authors: Horst, R., Pardalos, Panos, Nguyen Van Thoai

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Global optimization concerns the computation and characterization of global optima of nonlinear functions. Such problems are widespread in the mathematical modelling of real systems in a very wide range of applications and the last 30 years have seen the development of many new theoretical, algorithmic and computational contributions which have helped to solve globally multiextreme problems in important practical applications.
Most of the existing books on optimization focus on the problem of computing locally optimal solutions. Introduction to Global Optimization, however, is a comprehensive textbook on constrained global optimization that covers the fundamentals of the subject, presenting much new material, including algorithms, applications and complexity results for quadratic programming, concave minimization, DC and Lipschitz problems, and nonlinear network flow. Each chapter contains illustrative examples and ends with carefully selected exercises, designed to help students grasp the material and enhance their knowledge of the methods involved.
Audience: Students of mathematical programming, and all scientists, from whatever discipline, who need global optimization methods in such diverse areas as economic modelling, fixed charges, finance, networks and transportation, databases, chip design, image processing, nuclear and mechanical design, chemical engineering design and control, molecular biology, and environmental engineering.


`Each chapter contains illustrative examples and exercises. This excellent book is the first textbook on deterministic global optimization.'
Mathematical Reviews, 96g:90001
`The authors provide a nice selection of homework exercises (with solutions) at an appropriate level and a good mixture of theory, application, and numerical problems throughout the text. The text would be perfect for a course on global optimization.'
Interfaces, 28 (1998)
`Overall, this book provides an excellent introduction to the fascinating field of global optimization. The authors have used their extensive knowledge of and perspective on the field to create a coherent text that is accessible to a large audience that includes both students of mathematical programming and scientists who utilize optimization in their work.'
Journal of Global Optimization, 9 (1996)

Buy this book

Hardcover 197,55 €
price for Spain (gross)
Softcover 145,59 €
price for Spain (gross)

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Bibliographic Information
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Introduction to Global Optimization
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Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications
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Springer US
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Springer-Verlag US
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XII, 320