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Springer Handbook of Acoustics

Editors: Rossing, Thomas (Ed.)

  • This handbook reviews the most important areas of acoustics, with emphasis on current research
  • The authors of the various chapters are all experts in their fields
  • Each chapter is richly illustrated with figures and tables
  • Covers the interdisciplinary field of acoustics in a single volume, both fundamental and applied
  • Includes CD ROM with text, audio and video files
  • Available both in print and online
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About this book

Acoustics, the science of sound, has developed into a broad interdisciplinary field encompassing the academic disciplines of physics, engineering, psychology, speech, audiology, music, architecture, physiology, neuroscience, and others. The Springer Handbook of Acoustics is an unparalleled modern handbook reflecting this richly interdisciplinary nature edited by one of the acknowledged masters in the field, Thomas Rossing. Researchers and students benefit from the comprehensive contents spanning: animal acoustics including infrasound and ultrasound, environmental noise control, music and human speech and singing, physiological and psychological acoustics, architectural acoustics, physical and engineering acoustics, signal processing, medical acoustics, and ocean acoustics. This handbook reviews the most important areas of acoustics, with emphasis on current research. The authors of the various chapters are all experts in their fields. Each chapter is richly illustrated with figures and tables. The latest research and applications are incorporated throughout, e.g. computer recognition and synthesis of speech, physiological acoustics, psychological acoustics, thermoacoustics, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications and acoustical oceanography.

With a Foreword by Manfred R. Schroeder


Key Topics


  • Physical and Engineering Acoustics
  • Signal Processing in Acoustics
  • Physiological and Psychological Acoustics
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Medical Acoustics
  • Ocean Acoustics
  • Environmental Noise Control
  • Musical Acoustics, Human Speech and Singing

  • Animal Acoustics (Infrasound and Ultrasound)



  • Contains over 960 two-color illustrations.
  • Includes over 80 comprehensive tables.
  • Emphasizes physical concepts over extensive mathematical derivations.
  • Delivers a wealth of up-to-date references.
  • Parts and chapters with summaries, detailed index and fully searchable CD-ROM guarantee quick access to data and links to other sources.

Audio and video files on CD-ROM.

About the authors

Thomas Rossing received a BA from Luther College, and MS and PhD degrees in physics from Iowa State University. After three years as a research physicist with the UNIVAC Division of Sperry Rand, he joined the faculty of St. Olaf College (Minnesota), where he was professor of physics for 14 years and chaired the department for 6 years. Since 1971 he has been a professor of physics at Northern Illinois University. He was named distinguished Research Professor in 1987, and Professor Emeritus in 2002. He is presently a Visiting Professor of Music at Stanford University.

Professor Rossing is a citizen of the World. He has been a visiting professor at Edinburgh University (Scotland), University of New England (Australia), Seoul National University (Korea), and Stanford University. He has been a guest researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Institute for Perception Research (The Netherlands), Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany), Clarendon Laboratory (England), Fraunhofer Institut (Germany), Stanford University, Massachusetts Instiute of Technology, University of California San Diego, and Argonne National Laboratory.

He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Acoustical Society of America, IEEE, and AAAS. He was awarded the Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics by ASA and the Robert A. Millikan Medal by the American Association of Physics Teachers. He was a Sigma Xi National Lecturer 1984-87 and a Visiting Exchange Scholar in China in 1988. He is the author of more than 350 publications (including 15 books, 9 U.S. and 11 foreign patents), mainly in acoustics, magnetism, environmental noise control, and physics education. His areas of research have included musical acoustics, psychoacoustics, speech and singing, vibration analysis, magnetic levitation, surface effects in fusion reactors, spin waves in metals, and physics education.


From the reviews:

"This handbook is an excellent addition to the acoustics literature … . The handbook nicely covers both basics and advances in several areas of acoustics. Several chapters provide good mathematical depth, making the handbook useful as a research and technical resource. … The accompanying CD-ROM provides the entire handbook and a large number of audio and video files, making it easy to use effectively in a classroom. Overall, a very useful educational and research resource. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals." (M. G. Prasad, CHOICE, Vol. 45 (5), January, 2008)

"This book covers a wide range of topics, and the inclusion of musical acoustics, computer and electronic music appeal to me (singer, song-writer, performer, and recording studio co-owner). This handbook is probably well suited for an undergraduate-level introduction to an acoustics course. … Further, there is a CD-ROM containing all the chapters in the handbook … . The wide range of topics, inclusion of music-related chapters, eye-pleasing presentations and other useful features make this a very good book to have on your shelf." (Tim Casey, International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, Vol. 13 (1), 2008)

"The Springer Handbook of Acoustics comprises 28 chapters written by 33 authors. … The enclosed CD-ROM is a valuable addition as it contains … additional material in the form of video and audio files. … this book has much to recommend it with well presented topics and copious clear illustrations. The Handbook of Acoustics is useful as a source book for anyone who needs or wants to become familiar with the jargon and issues related to a specific subfield of acoustics … ." (Robert I. Odom, Siam Review, Vol. 50 (3), 2008)

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Bibliographic Information
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Springer Handbook of Acoustics
  • Thomas Rossing
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Springer-Verlag New York
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Springer-Verlag New York
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XXIV, 1182
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962 illustrations in colour