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When to submit to a different journal

It is important to be persistent when trying to publish a manuscript. Often, writing a response letter defending your submission after an initial rejection can lead to eventual publication. It is best not to choose another journal until at least one of the following happens:

  • The editors say your manuscript is a poor subject match for the journal.
  • The editor rejects your manuscript without review for a second time after you write a response to their first rejection.
  • Your manuscript is still rejected after responding to all reviewer comments, and it has received a negative review from at least two reviewers.
  • Your results are time sensitive, the review process is taking much longer than normal for that journal, and the editors cannot speed up the process. In this case, it is important to notify the editors that you are withdrawing your manuscript before you submit it to a different journal.

Publication is a difficult process, and you must be prepared to defend your submission against rejection from both editors and peer reviewers. However, do not be too persistent. Generally, only one letter defending your submission will be accepted for each of the review stages (editorial review and peer review). If you are unsuccessful after sending a response letter, then you should strongly consider selecting another journal.

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