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Eva Loerinczi - Editor

Éva Lőrinczi, PhD

Associate Editor, Books Life Sciences & Aquatic Sciences
Springer Heidelberg

Tiergartenstraße 17
69121 Heidelberg, Germany

+49 6221 487 9020
About me

I am a biologist with a very broad background, trained in a wide spectrum of subjects from animal behaviour through botany and cell biology to zoology followed by an MSc in neurobiology. My PhD research revolved around the characterisation of a number of membrane proteins of various origins, from human to marine bacteria. Since 2017, I am part of Springer Nature’s Medicine and Life Sciences editorial team, as the Aquatic Sciences book portfolio’s publishing editor.

Please contact me if you have any questions, book project proposals or suggestions! I look forward to support you publish your work in the best possible format (e.g. monograph, contributed volume, textbook, professional book, major reference work or popular science) and make it available to the largest audience.


Aquatic Sciences cover a very broad subject area, including biodiversity (from viruses to whales), ecology, the effects of climate change on these, ethology, physiology, all processes involving life in water, both freshwater and marine.