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Writing in English

English is the language scientists from all countries use to communicate with each other and 80% of journals indexed in the Scopus database publish articles written entirely in English [1]. Publishing in English allows you to reach the broadest possible audience and will help you achieve the goal that led you to publish in the first place; to add to our understanding of the world by informing other scientists about your research.

For many scientists, English is not their first language, and writing and publishing may be a challenge. We have designed this tutorial to help non-native English speakers avoid some of the common errors that occur when writing for scientific publication. Once complete you should understand the importance of good writing, be aware of common mistakes and know how to avoid them.

You will also have the opportunity to test your learning by completing a quiz at the end.

[1] van Weijen, Daphne “The Language of (Future) Scientific Communication” Research Trends Nov 2012