Author services, Issue 14 June 2013

SpringerPlus – facts and figures!

SpringerPlus was launched in January 2012 as a further addition to our SpringerOpen portfolio of fully open access journals. SpringerPlus is an interdisciplinary, open access journal that covers all areas of science. It has already published over 300 articles and was recently accepted for indexing in Scopus and PubMed Central. Both authors and editors consider SpringerPlus as a valued platform for interdisciplinary scientific research.

Broad scope – high standards

SpringerPlus accepts all types of manuscripts across all areas of science, including interdisciplinary studies, case descriptions, methodological papers, articles with a limited regional aspect, data reports or articles detailing statistically negative correlations. All manuscripts submitted to SpringerPlus are subject to rigorous peer review, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the work. The journal currently has an acceptance rate of 64%.

All scientifically valid data is worth sharing

Often manuscripts are scientifically worthy but may not be accepted for a variety of reasons: the topic may fall outside the scope of a given journal or the research may not contribute to the desired Impact Factor. With SpringerPlus the editorial policy is clear: all articles deemed scientifically and methodologically sound by peer review will be published.

Fast and efficient publication

Evaluations based mainly on the scientific soundness of the manuscripts enable quick-decision making and an efficient and fast publication process, bringing the authors’ research to the attention of their peers in the fastest and easiest way possible. Authors are also encouraged to submit any available review reports that resulted from a previous submission as these may speed up the review and publication process.

Over 300 articles published across all subject areas

All articles published in SpringerPlus are freely available online at, the journal's dedicated website. They cover subject areas as diverse as the Social Sciences, Mathematics, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Economics, Medicine, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry. SpringerPlus also publishes themed article collections linked to journals, books, conferences or societies.

Jan 2012 - May 2013Published
Biomedical and Life Sciences126
Computer Science14
Chemistry and Materials Science21
Earth and Environmental Sciences18
Social Sciences and Humanities14
Business and Economics8
Behavioural Sciences1
Grand total314

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