At the start of the new World Water Decade

In 2015, at the end of the previous UN World Water Decade, the World Economic Forum ranked water crises as the top global risk by impact. At the start of the new World Water Decade today, water crises remain one of the main risks to economies, people, and environments worldwide. The lack of access to clean and safe drinking water and the pressures placed on water systems due to climate change, natural disasters, urbanization and population growth - to name but a few – continue to have serious knock-on effects for human development and the eradication of poverty and hunger. Understandably, sustainable development and integrated management of water resources will therefore be focal points of the new Water Decade. 

We highlight here a number of titles from Springer’s growing water portfolio that offer researchers, water professionals and decision-makers key insights into the broad spectrum of pressures brought to bear on water resources.

For the next 8 weeks, readers can access the top downloaded articles from 9 of our water journals, highlighting a wide scope of topics and approaches, from health and pollution to water resource management, from water engineering and ICT to industry, from conservation and irrigation to agriculture, and more.

Our books and book series cast the net similarly wide with a strong focus on sustaining water resources and creating sustainable futures. As we herald the start of another Water Decade, we also look ahead at securing safe and accessible water for a growing world populace.

Fritz Schmuhl, Senior Editor & Water Channel Coordinator

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