Conditions for International Customers

Customers outside Germany and the Americas.

Customers residing in the Americas please refer to the Springer-Verlag NY Journals Price List

or e-mail to:

Prices are net prices subject to local VAT and exclude carriage charges.
Prices and carriage charges for journals from our publishing
houses in New York and London are given in US$ and GBP respectively. This fulfills the demand for one “international” price for both the journal and the carriage charges.
Invoices in EUR for journals with US $ and GBP will be converted according to the average monthly exchange rate.
Subscriptions are entered into on a calendar year basis
(January - December), for the projected number of volumes
stated in the price list.
Subscriptions are entered into on “standing order” basis
unless otherwise specified. They are renewed automatically
unless cancelled on time.
Subscriptions are accepted with pre-payment only and
delivery will take place after receipt of payment. The following methods of payment are accepted: cheque, credit
transfer, direct debit and credit card.
Subscription prices and carriage charges are subject to change without notice.
Please specify on all orders:
- Full name and address of subscriber incl. postal code
- Title of Journal
- Year and volume(s) required
- Amount of the payment accompanying the order
- Account number if you are already a customer
- Method of dispatch: normal mail, air mail or SAL
The customer agrees to make available to the publisher
the name and address of the end customer with the order.
These data are necessary to provide online access via the
Basic License. The publisher guarantees that these data
will only be used for internal purposes and that all regulations regarding the protection of individual data will be
observed. Associated companies within the Springer
Group will not have access to these data.

Supplements / Additional Volumes 

Supplement volumes and cumulative indices to journals
are issued from time to time. Some of these special supplements and cumulative indices are not included in the subscription price and are supplied only after receipt of a separate order.Additional volumes may be published during
the year. These will be billed in advance and delivered
upon receipt of payment.

Change of Address 

Publisher must be notified at least eight weeks in advance.
Please indicate the title of the journal, the date the change
is to take effect, and the old address as well as the new one.


Please reference your account number when placing a
claim to expedite processing. Claims for missing issues
should be made within the first 60 days for customers in
Europe and for customers in other parts of the world within
the first 90 days after publication. Otherwise such claims
cannot be honoured free of charge.


Cancellations must be received by September 30 prior to
the new subscription year. No cancellation requests will be
accepted for the current year once a subscription has been
entered and payment has been processed.

Carriage Charges 

Carriage charges include surface delivery.
SAL Surcharge: Air Mail Surcharges are available on request.

Online-Only Subscriptions 

Online-Only Subscriptions are available at a special institutional rate. Please contact us for a price quote.

Personal Rates 

Personal Rates are available on request and can only be
ordered directly with your publisher.

Back Volumes 

Back volumes and back issues are available for nearly all
Springer journals. Please inquire about stock availability
and prices. Pre-payment is required.

General Terms and Conditions of Use