Prestigious prize for researchers in the materials sciences

The Journal of Materials Science Cahn Prize, a prestigious prize for materials scientists and researchers. The winner will be announced at MRS Fall conference.

The 2019 monthly finalists' papers are free to read below.

Cahn Prize

The Cahn Prize is named in honor of the Journal’s founding editor, the late Professor Robert Wolfgang Cahn.

Each month the Editors select a paper published in that month’s issues via a rigorous nomination and voting procedure. The winning paper is selected from the twelve finalists by a separate panel of distinguished materials scientists. 

The authors of the winning paper receive an award of $5,000.

You can read more research at the Journal of Material Science.

The 2019 Journal of Materials Science Robert W. Cahn Best Paper Prize was awarded to Cheng Chen et al for their paper Robust raspberry-like all-polymer particles for the construction of superhydrophobic surface with high water adhesive force

Find the 2019 finalist's papers below

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Iron phosphides supported on three-dimensional iron foam as an efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting reaction

Yunpeng Wang, Bo Ma, Yantao Chen 


Microwave-assisted synthesis of a manganese metal–organic framework and its transformation to porous MnO/carbon nanocomposite utilized as a shuttle suppressing layer in lithium–sulfur batteries

David Skoda, Tomas Kazda, Lukas Munster, Barbora Hanulikova, Ales Styskalik, Pierre Eloy, Damien P. Debecker, Petr Vyroubal, Lucie Simonikova, Ivo Kuritka


Experimental study of carbides in the Ti–Cr–C system

F. Haglöf, B. Kaplan, S. Norgren, A. Blomqvist, M. Selleby



Air-processed, large grain perovskite films with low trap density from perovskite crystal engineering for high-performance perovskite solar cells with improved ambient stability

Manman Ding, Leijie Sun, Xiayan Chen, Tianyuan Luo, Tian Ye, Chunyan Zhao, Wenfeng Zhang, Haixin Chang


Osteogenic cells differentiation on topological surfaces under ultrasound stimulation

Irina Alexandra Paun, Bogdan Stefanita Calin, Cosmin Catalin Mustaciosu, Mona Mihailescu, Cezar Stefan Popovici, Catalin Romeo Luculescu


Design of a smart sensor mesh for the measurement of pH in ostomy applications

Anna McLister, Charnete Casimero, Aaron McConville, Charlotte M. Taylor, Clare L. Lawrence, Robert B. Smith, Ashish Mathur, James Davis


Data-enabled structure–property mappings for lanthanide-activated inorganic scintillators

G. Pilania, Xiang-Yang Liu, Zhehui Wang


Air-stable all-inorganic perovskite quantum dot inks for multicolor patterns and white LEDs

Wu Zhihai, Wei Jiao, Sun Yanni, Wu Jun, Hou Yafei, Wang Pan, Wang Nengping, Zhao Zhenfu


Structure–property relationships of aramid fibers via X-ray scattering and atomic force microscopy

Michael R. Roenbeck, Julia Cline, Vincent Wu, Mehdi Afshari, Steve Kellner, Patrick Martin, Juan David Londono, Laura E. Clinger, David Reichert, Steven R. Lustig, Kenneth E. Strawhecker


Atomistic modeling of interfacial segregation and structural transitions in ternary alloys

Yang Hu, Timothy J. Rupert


Composites with surface-grafted cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)

Lilian Forsgren, Karin Sahlin-Sjövold, Abhijit Venkatesh, Johannes Thunberg, Roland Kádár, Antal Boldizar, Gunnar Westman, Mikael Rigdahl


Robust raspberry-like all-polymer particles for the construction of superhydrophobic surface with high water adhesive force

Cheng Chen, Liping Zhang, Mingfei Sheng, Yu Guan, Hao Dong, Shaohai Fu