Engineering the Future

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Engineering the Future

Springer's Engineering Team is shedding some light on what the future will look like and how engineers from all subdisciplines are contributing to the future's landscape. 

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Driving into the Future: Smart Transportation

Discover how autonomous vehicles are changing the transportation of the future. 


Robotics: At the intersection of technology & humanity

At the forefront of technology, discover how robotics are impacting and supporting humanity. 


Internet of Things

From the ground up: explore how the Internet of Things has set the basis for the future. 


Building the Future City

What will the future city look like? Which technologies are paving the way to future? Find out more!


Future of Communications: 5G & Beyond

How are new technologies influencing the way we can and will communicate in the future? 2 original contributions, 5 book chapters and 60+ selected articles. 

SPSN JB Cyber Security

Cyber Security

How can we stay in control of our data in the ever-changing digital landscape? What are the latest approaches to keeping our information secure?

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