Rights, permissions and licensing

Rights & permissions

Permission and / or licensing

The author/customer is responsible for obtaining permission necessary to quote from other works, to reproduce material already published and to reprint from other publications. Sometimes a publisher, approached to grant permission, will demand a nominal payment: it is the author’s / customer’s responsibility to see that such payment conditions are met.

Although publishers generally hold the copyright of works appearing under their imprint, it is also courteous to request permission from the author of the piece concerned; publishers often grant permission subject to the author’s approval also being obtained.

Request to use copyrighted material

Content published by Springer can be re-used in all kinds of products in different formats and distributed by third parties. Any type of use is subject to permission by Springer. Permission can be requested to use material obtained from any of the following sources:

  • Any previously published material from which a direct quotation is used of a length which totals more than 5% of the whole, or which totals more than 250 words in any single excerpt or more than 500 words in total (note: each publisher sets their own quotation lengths, so number of words can differ from publisher to publisher)
  • Any quotation, regardless of length, from a song, poem, newspaper or any unpublished source (e.g. a letter, a speech)
  • Any illustration from a published source, including tables, maps and diagrams, even when redrawn
  • Any photograph -- especially from a professional photographer -- even if it is of yourself
  • Anything in its entirety (this applies particularly to holograph documents, such as postcards, etc.

Obtain permission for use of Springer and non-Springer material

If you wish to use copyrighted material for the following purposes, queries must be sent to the copyright holder: photocopies, distance learning, course (package), translation, visually impaired readers, expansion of article, rewrite article, thesis, republication, conference, annual report, repository, reprints, e-book, intranet, internet, homepage/website.

For further information you may follow the links below or directly go to the Copyright Clearance Center or RightsLink.

For Springer authors who wish to use material from a non-Springer publication:

For authors/customers who wish to use material from Springer publications

Licensing of Springer content

Licensing (translations, reprints or e-distribution) of content

Content published by Springer can be translated and/or reprinted in different formats and distributed by third parties. This is subject to a license agreement with Springer.

Reprint or translate Springer publications

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How to obtain the right to translate, reprint or otherwise distribute

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