Introducing SpringerBriefs

© SpringerSpringer is offering SpringerBriefs, concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide spectrum of fields. Featuring compact volumes of 50 to 125 pages, the series covers a range of content from professional to academic.

Typical topics might include:

  • A timely report of state-of-the art analytical techniques
  • A bridge between new research results published in journal articles and a contextual literature review
  • A snapshot of a hot or emerging topic
  • An in-depth case study or clinical example
  • A presentation of core concepts that students must understand in order to make independent contributions

Author benefits

  • Briefs allow authors to present their ideas and readers to absorb them with minimal time investment
  • Briefs will be published as part of Springer’s eBook collection, with millions of users worldwide. In addition, Briefs will be available for individual print and electronic purchase.
  • Briefs are characterized by fast, global electronic dissemination, standard publishing contracts, easy-to-use manuscript preparation and formatting guidelines, and expedited production schedules. We aim for publication 8-12 weeks after acceptance.
  • Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts are considered for publication in this series. Projects will be submitted to editorial review by series editors, editorial advisory boards, and/or publishing editors, at the discretion of each publishing unit.

SpringerBriefs in a nutshell

SpringerBriefs specifications vary depending on the title, but generally, each Brief will have:

  • 50 – 125 typeset pages, including all tables, figures, illustrations, notes, and references
  • Softcover binding
  • Versions in print, eBook, and MyCopy for readers to access 24 hours a day
  • A very quick turnaround to reach the market quickly

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Check these examples of SpringerBriefs

Low Voltage Power MOSFETs

© SpringerSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Jacek Korec

Low Voltage Power MOSFETs focuses on the design of low voltage power MOSFETs and the relation between the device structure and the performance of a power MOSFET used as a switch in power management applications.

Towards Sustainable Cities in China

© SpringerAnalysis and Assessment of Some Chinese Cities in 2008

Jingzhu Zhao

To promote China’s sustainable city construction and development, this Brief has preliminarily used an assessment indicator system and development index of a sustainable city, based on a summary and analysis of the existing Sustainable City theories and practices both at home and aboard.

Microalgae as a Feedstock for Biofuels

© SpringerSpringerBriefs in Microbiology

Luisa Gouveia

This Brief provides a concise review of the potential use of microalgae for biofuel production. The conclusions section discusses the contribution of the technologies described to environmental sustainability and future prospects.

Estimating Characteristics of the Foreign-Born by Legal Status

© SpringerAn Evaluation of Data and Methods

Dean H. Judson & David A. Swanson

This brief represents a comprehensive review of methods for estimating characteristics of the foreign-born population in the United States, specifically oriented toward characteristics by legal status.