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Psychology Special Issues

We have selected a number of Special Issue-articles from Springer's extensive portfolio of psychology journals, showcasing the latest developments in the field.

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© SpringerAdolescent Research Review

Special Issue: Understanding Sources of Support for Positive Youth Development

Special Issue: Understanding and Preventing Self-harm and Suicide

© SpringerAdvances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Special Issue: Communication Assessment and Intervention

© SpringerArchives of Sexual Behavior

Impact Factor 2017: 3.223

Special Section by Ray Blanchard, with 9 commentaries

© SpringerClinical Social Work Journal

Making a Case for the Case Study: Using the N of 1 in the Era of Big Data and the Fantasy of Prediction

Contemporary Social Work Practice with Veterans

© SpringerCognitive Research: Principles and Implications

Individual Differences in Face Perception and Person Recognition

© SpringerContemporary Family Therapy

Virtual relationships and systemic practices in the digital era

© SpringerContemporary School Psychology

Special Issue 1: Mindfulness-Based Intervention in School Psychology

Special Issue 2: School-Based Threat Assessment

© SpringerCulture and Brain

Culture and Attention/Perception

© SpringerCurrent Psychology

Impact Factor 2017: 1.280

Procrastination, Clutter, and Hoarding

© SpringerInternational Journal of Cognitive Therapy

Impact Factor 2017: 2.065

Special Issue Section: Advancements in Cognitive-Behavioural Modeling and Treatment of OCD

© SpringerJournal of Abnormal Psychology

Impact Factor 2017: 3.287

Special Section: Executive Functions and Externalizing Symptoms​​​​​​​

Special Section: Peer Victimization and Adjustment in Young Adulthood

© SpringerJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Impact Factor 2017: 1.475

Special Issue: Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Special Issue: College Experiences for Students with ASD

"Special Issue: Parents, Caregivers and Autism Spectrum Disorders" and "Special Issue: Local vs. Global processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders"

© SpringerJournal of Child & Adolescent Trauma​​​​​​​

Special Section: Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization Experiences among Marginalized Youth

© SpringerJournal of Cognitive Enhancement

Special Issue: Enhancing Brain and Cognition Through Cognitive Training

© SpringerJournal of Religion and Health​​​​​​​

Impact Factor 2017: 1.061

Special Section: Donald Capps and His Legacy. Guest Editors: Robert C. Dykstra and Nathan Carlin

© SpringerJournal of Psycholinguistic Research

Impact Factor 2017: 0.659

Special Issue: Reference and Anaphora in Iberian Languages

© SpringerJournal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Impact Factor 2017: 1.792

Special Section: Child Psychopathic Traits for Specifying Conduct Disorder

© SpringerJournal of Youth and Adolescence

Impact Factor 2017: 3.247

Special Issue: Social Inequality, Life Course Transitions, and Adolescent Development

Special Issue: Parsing Out Familial Influences on Adolescent Development

Special Section: Developing Identities: Individual and Social Resources

Special Issue: Schooling, Diversity, and Inequality: Understanding Intersections that Shape Developmental Experiences and Outcomes

© SpringerLearning & Behavior

Impact Factor 2017: 1.434

Special Issue: The Evolutionary and Psychological Significance of Play; Guest Editors: Alex de Voogt and Lance Miller

© SpringerPastoral Psychology

Special Section on Caring for Boys and Men, Guest Edited by: Robert C. Dykstra, Ryan LaMothe, and Nathan Carlin

Special Issue: Group for New Directions in Pastoral Theology: Tears, Terror, and Wonder

© SpringerPsychological Injury and Law​​​​​​​

Complications and Confounding Conditions in Psychological Injury

From Neuroscience to Forensic Neuropsychology: Advancing Assessment

© SpringerPsychological Research

Impact Factor 2017: 2.329

Special issue on New perspectives on human multitasking

© SpringerPsychonomic Bulletin & Review​​​​​​​

Impact Factor 2017: 3.092

Bayesian Inference for Psychology

© SpringerSchool Mental Health

Impact Factor 2017: 1.593

Special Issue: Accessing Behavioral Health Services: School-Based Examples of Research, Policy and Practice

© SpringerSex Roles

Impact Factor 2017: 2.024

Special Section on "Honoring Janet Taylor Spence"

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