Interview with Peter Bruce

Meet Prof. Peter Bruce, University of Oxford, who recently edited a book "The Lithium Air Battery" with us.  He tells us about the latest and future trends in advanced battery research. Click here to read his interview!

Top Highlights

The Lithium Air Battery: Fundamentals

Editors: Imanishi, Nobuyuki; Luntz, Alan C.; Bruce, Peter G.

First book devoted solely to Lithium Air batteries. Lithium air rechargeable batteries are the best candidate for a power source for electric vehicles, because of their high specific energy density. In this book, the history, scientific background, status and prospects of the lithium air system are introduced by specialists in the field. This book will contain the basics, current statuses, and prospects for new technologies. This book is ideal for those interested in electrochemistry, energy storage, and materials science.

Lithium Batteries: Science and Technology

Authors: Julien, C.; Mauger, A.; Vijh, A.; Zaghib, K.

The book focuses on the solid-state physics, chemistry and electrochemistry that are needed to grasp the technology of and research on high-power Lithium batteries. After an exposition of fundamentals of lithium batteries, it includes experimental techniques used to characterize electrode materials, and a comprehensive analysis of the structural, physical, and chemical properties necessary to insure quality control in production.

Electrolytes for Lithium and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Editors: Jow, R.T.; Xu, K.; Borodin, O.; Ue, M.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific understanding and technological development of electrolyte materials in the last several years. The book discusses in-depth the electrode-electrolyte interactions and interphasial chemistries that are key for the successful use of the electrolyte in practical devices. The Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Dynamical calculations that has proved to be so powerful in understanding and predicating behavior and properties of materials is also reviewed in this book.

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