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In the Spotlight: ASM International, The Materials Information Society

Society Zone highlights a significant partnership which united the two largest international associations for metals and materials sciences

In January 2007, Springer began a partnership with The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) and ASM International, The Materials Information Society (ASM).

Both TMS and ASM, which together have more than 46,000 members, were seeking to expand the international reach of their prestigious journals through a service-oriented publishing partner. Springer’s infrastructure and global reach has helped to strengthen and develop the journals and achieve the societies’ growth objectives.

Through this publishing cooperation Springer publishes seven of the societies’ technical journals in the field of metals and materials science: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A and B (co-owned by the two societies), Journal of Electronic Materials (owned by TMS), and Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, and Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion (owned by ASM).

Society Zone in an interview with...

Mary Anne Fleming, Senior Content Developer for Journals, Magazines, News & APD Publications at ASM International to discuss the history and development of the partnership, specifically in relation to the ASM journal, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP).

Could you describe the relationship between ASM and Springer as related to the publishing the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance? What was ASM looking for in a publishing partnership for JMEP?

ASM had self-published JMEP since its inception in 1992, so it was a difficult and “game-changing” decision to seek a partnership with a commercial publisher. However, we recognized that JMEP needed a partner with greater capabilities in the consortia marketplace and in online product features in order to maintain long-term health and vitality.

ASM continues to own the journal content and manage editorial operations. We maintain the relationship with the editors and authors and handle the editorial process (submission and peer review) through the point of acceptance. At acceptance, manuscripts are exported to Springer from JMEP’s ScholarOne site.

We were looking for a well-known publisher of integrity that would greatly expand marketing and selling, provide greater visibility, and drive increased usage and impact among academics and researchers worldwide. We needed a publisher that could provide online publication soon after acceptance, retro-digitization and online availability of back issues, and ongoing growth in revenues.

How has the journal benefited by its partnership with Springer? Have ASM’s original goals been met for this publication?

Springer has provided vastly expanded exposure and usage of JMEP through online deals (consortia, multi-site licenses, and site licenses). Access is available through thousands of institutions worldwide, with an associated high number of downloads. Articles are published Online First speedily. Within the first year of our agreement, all of the back issues had been retro-digitized and were available online. We meet annually for strategic planning with the Springer Editorial Director and Associate Editor who work with JMEP, as well as other Springer personnel as needed, which has been useful in generating continuous improvements for JMEP.

Has Springer been a supportive and flexible partner in addressing issues involving JMEP?

Springer has been amenable to increasing JMEP’s page count and its publication frequency. In 2009, we added a special double issue dedicated to papers from one of our affiliate societies, the International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST), plus one additional regular issue. The SMST issue will run approximately once every 18 months, so in the off years, such as 2010, we will have 9 regular issues. Also, Springer supports the growth of the journal through the attendance of our Springer Editorial Director at our editorial committee meetings, where he provides reports as well as additional constructive input.

Society Zone thanks Mary Anne Fleming for this interview.

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