Marketing, Society & Partner Zone Issue 9

How Can Search Engine Optimization Be Utilized to Improve Your Website?

An Overview and Tips for Springer’s Society Partners

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that is used to improve the quality and content of web pages. SEO aims to evaluate how search engines work and what types of content people are searching for. Taking action to optimize a website involves editing the content and HTML coding to be more relevant to keywords, increase traffic, and acquire more relevant visitors to your website through search engines.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo account for over 50% of the traffic to, more so than services such as PubMed, so Springer is always striving to increase and enhance the traffic from search engines.

Hilton Lim, Project Manager, Online Marketing at Springer shares some informative resources and ideas to help optimize your website.

What are the important components of SEO?

The content on your site is the most important element, and is the key to enhancing and increasing the traffic to your site. The links that you have on your site are also important. Including quality, trustworthy links improves the context of your site, and also makes your site more popular and findable.

What actions can be taken to optimize my website?

Having a main keyword phrase for each page is ideal. You should decide what keyword phrase is important for each page, and be sure it is a clear and unique topic that even a search engine can understand. Google offers a Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator that may be useful to get an indication of the competition for that keyword phrase.

Once you have decided on this phrase, try to add it to the title element of the page and be sure that it appears at least once in the visible text of the webpage. There are some common myths about using keywords:

  • All of your keywords should all be on one page
  • Websites can only have five keyword phrases
  • Using invisible text is OK and it works

In addition to these myths, something that should be avoided is keyword stuffing. This is when a web page is loaded with keywords in the meta tags or in content, and is considered to be an unethical SEO practice.

Also, make sure you have a reasonable amount of text on your page. It will be more difficult to rank well with a small amount of text. Including links that include your main keyword phrase integrated as clickable text can also help your website’s ranking. If you arrange for links from other websites directly to your webpage that are about the same topic, this will be valuable and will improve your page’s ranking.

Google Keyword Tool
Google Traffic Estimator