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Springer partners with the Association of College & Research Libraries and CHOICE to present webinars on trending topics of interest to the academic library community. Our goal is to provide librarians with valuable information and insights through industry speakers, case studies, and interactive discussions.

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Measuring Reach and Impact of Books and Chapters

Understanding the reach and impact of eBooks is key to making informed decisions and driving research services at academic libraries. This webinar explores a variety of performance metrics that track social and scholarly data surrounding a book post-publication, and their value in supporting authors and researchers.


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Making eBooks Functional: Publisher Backing for the Charlotte Initiative

UNC Charlotte recently introduced the Charlotte Initiative, pressing eBook providers to ensure permanent access to content, unlimited concurrent use, and no digital rights management restrictions. This webinar features an in-depth overview of the project and explores its benefits for academic institutions. 


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Making Textbooks Affordable

As the cost of college textbooks continues to soar, institutions are tasked with finding alternatives to the traditional system of publishing. This webinar examines steps being taken by an academic library and a scholarly publisher to increase access to open educational resources and reduce textbook costs. 


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Positioning your Library Marketing for Success

Too often the marketing of a new library initiative is considered the icing on the cake, rather than part of the cake itself. This webinar will show how integrating marketing efforts and staff, versus being brought in at the end to “spread the word,” give initiatives a better chance for success. 

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Giving Sisyphus a Push: Promoting Discovery at every stage of the eBooks Lifecycle

Discover-ability of content is king in a big data world. But where does discovery have the most impact? During this webinar we’ll look at how discovery plays out across the eBooks life cycle. From concept and development in editorial to product maturation and partnering with discovery services providers. 


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Buy Less, Sell More: New Roles for Libraries and Librarians

In an increasingly competitive landscape, users have many options for how they find and access scholarly information. This webinar discusses the need for libraries to become more intentional about attracting and retaining patrons by promoting the content they purchase or create, and the services they offer.


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