Climatology - Books and Journals

Climatology is an interdisciplinary science of meteorology, geography, geology, oceanography, and physics. Climatology has undergone significant change in recent years. Due to the noticeable climate change, climatology today is much more than the study of climate elements and factors: it has become a decisive factor for the future of our planet. Our range of books combines the current state of scientific research with social science and political issues and presents applied examples from global change research. Among our best-known publications on Climatology are the journal Theoretical and Applied Climatology and the Encyclopedia of World Climatology.

New Journal: Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology

Editors-in-Chief Silvana Di Sabatino, University of Bologna, and Paolo Di Girolamo, University of Basilicata, talks about the aims and uniqueness of this newly launched journal. The Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology welcomes your paper submission!