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Log-in to springer.com and enter the shop. If you are new to our site, please register as a validated bookseller to gain access to all of these special services. Your company’s standard terms and conditions apply. 

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As a registered Springer bookseller you can see line-by-line book prices, discounts, and availability—all in our online shop and in real time. Log-in to order online, import your own book lists, or use the Bookseller Search.

Option 1: Import ISBNs to create catalogs or order online

Please empty your computer cache before uploading if you experience a malfunction. To upload, prepare a list with three columns in this order: 1. number of copies (optional – default value is one copy if no entry) / 2. ISBN (mandatory) / 3. your reference (optional) 

Import your ISBN list for web shop and catalog creation 

Option 2: Import ISBNs to create flyers or lists

This option allows you to upload or cut & paste ISBNs, export multiple flyers, export CSV list or excel order form and save your own ordering address on the flyers

Import ISBNs for flyers or lists