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Daisuke Nakajima

Associate Editor Engineering, Chemistry,Materials Science, Computer Science, Physics, Earth Sciences
Springer Tokyo

Springer Japan KK

Shiroyama Trust Tower 5F,

4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-Ku,

Tokyo 105-6005


+81 3-4533-8265
About Me

I am a journal publishing editor based in Tokyo. I mainly work for journals owned by leading societies in Japan covering physics, engineering, computer science, material science, chemistry and earth science. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in setting up a publishing partnership with us or have an idea of launching an exciting new journal.


Polymer Journal

Research on Chemical Intermediates 

Catalysis Surveys from Asia

Journal of Oceanography

Optical Review 

Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics

Journal of Marine Science and Technology

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management


Journal of Visualization

Artificial Life and Robotics