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Food Science & Nutrition | Aims and Scope: European Journal of Nutrition

Aims and Scope: European Journal of Nutrition

The European Journal of Nutrition publishes original papers, reviews, and short communications in the nutritional sciences. The manuscripts submitted to the European Journal of Nutrition should have their major focus on the impact of nutrients and non-nutrients on

  • immunology and inflammation,
  • gene expression,
  • metabolism,
  • chronic diseases, or
  • carcinogenesis,

or a major focus on

  • epidemiology, including intervention studies with healthy subjects and with patients,
  • food safety, or
  • biofunctionality of food and food components.

Papers with a major focus on traditional medicine or food technology will not be accepted. Nor will case studies be accepted. European Journal of Nutrition will consider animal studies only if they are sufficiently justified, i.e. the work in question could not have been done in human volunteers.

Letters to the editors may be submitted. Letters are expected to provide substantive comments on papers published in the EJN. Both the letter and a reply, if appropriate, are published together whenever possible.

Direct rejection: Submitted manuscripts can be rejected without detailed comments after initial review by an editor if the manuscripts are considered inappropriate or of insufficient importance for publication in the EJN. Submitted manuscripts will not be reviewed if they fail to match the aims and scope of the EJN, or if they do not conform to standard English usage and do not meet the formatting requirements.

Supplements: Symposia or workshop articles may be published as supplements in the EJN and are funded by their sponsors at a special rate. The EJN welcomes queries about the publication of supplements.