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Food Science & Nutrition | Aims and Scope: Food Digestion: Research and Current Opinion

Aims and Scope: Food Digestion: Research and Current Opinion

The journal publishes original papers and reviews that describe interrelationships between foods and all aspects of the physiological, biophysical, microbial and neuro-humoral components of digestion, acquisition and assimilation, with particular emphasis on the role of food structure.

The scope includes papers describing the influence of the hierarchical elements of food structure including nanoparticulate formulations, also foods containing prebiotics, probiotics, genetically engineered microorganisms and other agents which influence digestion in its broadest sense including effects on gut associated immune and neurohumoral systems on any of the gut components including the hind gut.

While the principal area of focus of the journal is in regard to human digestion we welcome papers that explore these areas in animal and in vitro models and which compare these processes in an evolutionary sense particularly in regard to hominids.