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Environmental Sciences | Aims and Scope: Environment Systems and Decisions

Aims and Scope: Environment Systems and Decisions

Aims and Scope:    

Global change, energy and natural resources, increasing demands on infrastructure, toxic contaminants, loss of agricultural land and potable water supplies, etc.-- are interrelated concerns for industries and governments. Integrated solutions for environmental, social, technological, and economic goals - which heretofore constituted a gap - are now addressed by Environment, Systems and Decisions. This journal provides a catalyst for research and innovation in cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary methods of decision analysis, systems analysis, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, policy analysis, environmental analysis, economic analysis, engineering, and the social sciences.

Environment, Systems and Decisions (2013+, continuing the tradition of The Environmentalist 1981-2012) addresses the needs and perspectives of infrastructure owner/operators, engineers, environmental professionals, and risk managers through technical articles, editorials, interviews, and news columns. The journal contains elements applicable to researchers and to education and training of technology and environmental experts across disciplines, including specialist and generalist training, regulators and policy makers, and public information including risk communication.