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A Journal of the Human Environment

Editor-in-Chief: Bo Söderström

ISSN: 0044-7447 (print version)
ISSN: 1654-7209 (electronic version)

Journal no. 13280

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Special Issues

Special Issues 

Each year Ambio publishes between two and four special issues on topical research themes. Articles published in special issues are widely appreciated by our readership and belong to the most highly cited papers in Ambio. The highest level of editorial support will be given to these high-priority articles throughout the review and publication processes.
We strongly encourage research groups to submit thematic proposals for future special issues in Ambio. Proposals are welcome at any time, but twice a year – 1 April and 1 October – the editors will evaluate all proposals based on scientific soundness and interest to our readership. If you are interested in publishing a special issue in Ambio, please submit:
• a general introduction to the topic and why it is important,
• clearly stated research questions,
• a description of the implementation,
• specific outcomes/benefits to the readership and potential spin-offs,
• a tentative list of article titles including author names (also include abstracts if available),
• project group members,
• name or names of potential independent guest editor(s)
• time table including your desired month of publication,
• statement of risk/backup if things do not go as planned.
This proposal should be sent to the editor-in-chief Bo Söderström (bo.soderstrom@kva.se). Please plan 12–18 months ahead due to the intense competition for publication space in Ambio. The guest editor must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who also takes all final publication decisions.
Starting in 2019, open access will no longer be mandatory for articles published in special issues, thus there will be a mix of articles published open access and non-open access. This will allow authors who cannot afford open access to still publish with Ambio. Thanks to the Springer Compact Deal roughly one third of all articles in Ambio are today published Open Access, and we anticipate a further increase in this proportion. Articles published behind a pay-wall can still be widely disseminated via the SharedIt initiative where authors can post links to read-only full-texts free of charge. All Ambio articles are freely available via PubMed Central after an embargo period of 12 months.
Two complimentary print copies of the issue will be sent to the project leaders who may also order further print copies at a substantially reduced price.

Forthcoming Special Issues in 2018 

• The North Water Polynya: A High Arctic oasis under transformation
• Handling the phosphorus paradox in agriculture and natural ecosystems: Scarcity, necessity and burden of P
• Biodiversity change and human adaptation

Forthcoming Special Issue in 2017 

• Climate change, economy and society in the Arctic Ocean

Published in 2017 

Published in 2016 

For authors and editors

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Ambio addresses the scientific, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the condition of the human environment. Ambio particularly encourages multi- or inter-disciplinary submissions with explicit management or policy recommendations. 

    For more than 45 years Ambio has brought international perspective to important developments in environmental research, policy and related activities for an international readership of specialists, generalists, students, decision-makers and interested laymen. 

    Papers published in Ambio fall into four main categories: Research article, Review, Perspective, Comment. Regardless of article category, your submission should have a clear link between anthropogenic activities and the environment, or vice versa. 

    Authors are advised to check our latest instructions for authors (see link under "For Authors and Editors" to the right) as these are updated regularly.

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