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Engineering | Topical collection - Smart cities and transport infrastructures

Topical collection - Smart cities and transport infrastructures

European Transport Research Review is now accepting submissions for a topical collection on Smart cities and transport infrastructures.

Smart cities are concerned with new consideration towards environment, such as new ways for consuming and producing clean energies through mobility, oriented with new uses of information, but also better interconnection of networks, including transport means and infrastructure. For example, energy harvesting pavements such as solar roads are likely to be connected to energy-efficient building and contribute to heating in winter and heat island mitigation in summer. Fatal energy harvesting, energy regenerative braking systems in urban railway stations are likely to optimize energy consumption at the scale of neighbourhoods.
Smart and sustainable cities imply new ways of thinking about transport infrastructures (road, rail, tramways...) related to the urban context. This topical collection is to provide an updated perspective dealing with the stakes, the consequences, and the shapes of smart cities related with all types of transport infrastructure.
Contributions are welcome, especially dealing with the following thematic areas:
  • The impact and implication of technological change for transport infrastructure inside the city (social network software, vehicle sharing at large, infrastructure producing energy, continuous updating of information for transport users, technological dimension of infrastructure...)
  • The impact on social organization and on conception of infrastructure inducing new and smarter practices of transport infrastructure, but also the urban dimension and their insertion through the actual city.
  • The socio-economic impact of smart cities for transport infrastructure, concerning their funding, their financing, and economic evaluation. Socio-economic impacts of such changes on populations, regarding the building of and new use of transport infrastructure.
  • Smart cities raise also some issues concerning the governance and management of transport infrastructure, their transition through a political change. Who are the actors concerned, their roles and responsibilities?
Guest editors:
• Nicolas Hautière, IFSTTAR
• Laurent Carnis, IFSTTAR
Deadline for submissions:
June 1, 2017
Should you have any questions, please contact Laurent Carnis at laurent.carnis@ifsttar.fr.
For more information about the journal and to submit your manuscript, visit the journal website:
Please note that ECTRI sponsors a number of waivers to Article Processing Charges each year, and authors who wish to benefit from this should contact the Editor-in-Chief for a submission code at: .k.t.geurs@utwente.nl.