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Winner of the 2014 TAA "Texty" Textbook Excellence Award:

Congratulations! Finite Elements in Fracture Mechanics by Meinhard Kuna has been chosen by the 2014 panel of judges as the recipient of the TAA "Texty" Textbook Excellence Award!
The book provides an introduction to the essential concepts of fracture mechanics, its main goal being to procure the special techniques for FEM analysis of crack problems, which have to date only been mastered by experts. All kinds of static, dynamic and fatigue fracture problems are treated in two- and three-dimensional elastic and plastic structural components.
Note that the five outstanding Springer textbooks that received the 2014 and 2012 TAA Award (see also below) are all published in the Springer series:
Solid Mechanics and Its Applications .
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Winners in 2012:

Intermediate Mechanics of Materials 

J. R. Barber

This book covers the essential topics for a second-level course in strength of materials or mechanics of materials, with an emphasis on techniques that are useful for mechanical design.

Flexible Multibody Dynamics 

O. A. Bauchau

The author developed this text over many years, teaching graduate courses in advanced dynamics and flexible multibody dynamics at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vibration Control of Active Structures 

A. Preumont

This text is an introduction to the dynamics of active structures and to the feedback control of lightly damped flexible structures; the emphasis is placed on basic issues and simple control strategies that work.
Now in its third edition, more chapters have been added, and comments and feedback from readers have been taken into account.

Energy Resources and Systems 

Tushar K. Ghosh and Mark A. Prelas

This second volume of Energy Resources and Systems is focused on renewable energy resources.