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When you publish with Springer, your work gets the attention it deserves

Expert guidance and personalized support 

From idea to manuscript, when you need guidance your Publishing Editor will be there to help. And Production Managers keep in close contact while your manuscript and supplementary material are prepared.

Readers benefit from your work in their medium of choice: eBook, Print Book, MyCopy 

Springer eBooks are optimized for desktop and mobile reading on e-readers, tablets, and smart-phones. While anyone can browse the free book preview, paying customers can download the full book or individual chapters.
Print Book
Your work is accessible for readers who want to read and refer to a traditional book.
Springer's MyCopy service allows library patrons to order a personal, print-on-demand, soft cover of your eBook for just €/$ 24.99! MyCopy is extremely popular among students and researchers, combining the advantages of electronic and print at a low price.

High quality production and short time to market 

We know it's vital to publish your work as quickly as possible. Utilizing the latest technology, Springer's standardized production workflows are designed to minimize the potential for errors and maximize the speed of production.
Our e.Proofing tool offers you an easy way of making corrections to your page proofs - online. It avoids retyping of your changes and speeds up the correction cycles.

Publish open access with Springer 

Publishing open access makes your work immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide. Springer is pleased to offer a variety of open access options for our authors to publish their research.

Your eBook on SpringerLink, driving usage for years to come 

All content published by Springer is delivered through one platform: SpringerLink, fully searchable across books, journals references and protocols.
Semantic linking, chapter previews and cross lnking between all types of publications mean readers have every opportunity to find and use your book.
Springer publications are indexed, searchable and can be found using all common discovery tools, inlcuding search engines and library catalogues. We apply the latest technology in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your book appears at the top of search reults.
User statistics show that accessibility and discoverability yield real benefits.
eBook usage remains high for years after publication!

citations.springer.com - See how often your book was cited 

Supported by CrossRef.org our citation service enables you to see how often your book was cited.

More tools & benefits for Springer authors


Use our guidelines and templates at springer.com/authors when preparing your book. We also provide a dedicated Author Helpdesk to answer your questions.
Is this your first publication? Our free interactive online training program will guide you through the writing and publishing process at springer.com/authoracademy.

Free access to your own eBook 

You're entitled to perpetual free access to your own ebook on SpringerLink.

Book performance reporting 

Regular book performance reporting lets you see how your book is doing on the market.

33% author discount on Springer (e)Books 

The lifelong author discount gives you 33% off all Springer print books and eBooks.

High author satisfaction

87% of authors would publish with Springer again 

We survey authors to monitor and improve our performance. Latest satisfaction survey (October 2013; over 4800 book authors) results show that 87% would be happy to continue publishing with Springer.
Authors tell us their top three reasons for choosing Springer are:
  • International Reach
  • Reputation of Springer in my discipline
  • Ability to market my book to the relevant audiences
When asked about the book production aspects, authors love:
  • The quality of the eBook and the speed of online availibility
  • Communication with Springer staff
  • The quality and publication speed of their printed book edition
Fast and Easy Publishing

Get your own Brief (50-125 pages) published in 8-12 weeks

Springer Author Academy
Springer Author Academy

Free courses on academic writing & publishing, including interactive features. For journal & book authors and peer reviewers.

Open Access
Open Access at Springer

Springer is pleased to offer a variety of open access options for our authors to publish their research. Find out more!