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Springer Engineering - Facebook

This site presents the latest developments and up-to-the-minute news on Springer’s Global Engineering Publishing Program, including new books, author news, journal and series editor information, recent scientific awards conferred on Springer authors/editors, critical scientific findings published in Springer journals, journal special issue announcements and calls for papers, and much more! Springer’s Engineering and Applied Sciences Group covers the widest range of engineering disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Energy, Materials Science and much more.
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Engineering @ Springer - LinkedIn

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Talk to our editors & your colleagues about your work and find out everything you wanted to know about scientific publishing. Let us know what you think and how we can help with your work. In addition, be informed about conferences, latest publications and everything else of interest to you about engineering at Springer.

Springer Energy -Twitter

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Welcome to Springer’s exciting interdisciplinary publishing program in Energy.

Springer Control - Twitter

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All the latest news from Springer Systems and Control. Tweets from Oliver Jackson and Charlotte Cross.

International Network on Social Robotics - LinkedIn

The International Network on Social Robotics serves as a one-stop source from which students, engineers and researchers will be able to obtain a quick introduction and overview of the latest developments in all aspects of Social Robotics. Established researchers can engage in discussions and share information and results, to promote advances in social robotics in the broadest sense of the word. New issues from the International Journal of Social Robotics are announced, as well as videos and other supplementary material belonging to certain articles.

Springer's Core Social Media Accounts

We trust that these core accounts will be of interest to all scientists regardless of their discipline.


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Übergreifende Social Media Accounts von Springer
Diese Accounts sind unabhängig vom jeweiligen Fachgebiet für Wissenschaftler und Fachleute gleichermaßen interessant. Klicken Sie auf den unteren Link, um zu unserer Social Media-Seite mit der kompletten Liste aller Springer Accounts im STM- und Professional-Bereich zu gelangen.

Springer AuthorZone - Twitter

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Industry news, author benefits and more. Get in touch!

Springer AuthorZone - Facebook

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Springer's AuthorZone is a platform developed to engage and share information with any STM author. Industry news, author benefits and more. Enjoy!

SpringerOpen - Twitter

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Open access journals for authors in all disciplines. Benefit from rigorous peer-review and high visibility. SpringerOpen journals are fully and immediately open access.

SpringerOpen - Google+

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Open access journals for authors in all disciplines. Benefit from rigorous peer-review and high visibility. SpringerOpen journals are fully and immediately open access.

SpringerReference - Twitter

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The world's most comprehensive web of synthesized scientific knowledge for scholars, professionals and researchers.

SpringerReference - Facebook

Springer Reference contains the world’s best and most dynamic reference content. With cutting-edge contributions from over 50,000 of the world’s top scientists across 24 subject areas, it is available online and in print.

SpringerVideos - YouTube

Videos relating to Springer Authors, Publications and Services.

Springer Science+Business Media (English) - Twitter

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This is the official Twitter account of Springer Science+Business Media. Tweets from Eric Merkel-Sobotta (EMS), Tina Harseim (TH) and Renate Bayaz (RB).
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