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Engineering - Production & Process Engineering | Aims and Scope: Biological Cybernetics

Aims and Scope: Biological Cybernetics

Aims and Scope

The aim of Biological Cybernetics is to foster and intensify the search for a general systems theory of biological information processing. Following the definition of cybernetics given by Norbert Wiener in 1948, the scope of works published in the journal shall encompass all informational structures or algorithms operating within neuronal networks and nervous systems to create their observed performance and behavior.

Biological Cybernetics is an interdisciplinary journal for publication of both theoretical and methodological investigations with explicit reference to anatomical structures and biological functions. The journal discourages submissions of purely experimental investigations for which theory is insufficiently developed, or phenomenological descriptions of structures or functions having no reference to neuronal data.

As contributors and editors of the journal, our ultimate objective is to assemble a body of works that utilize well-developed theoretical and/or simulation concepts to explain experimental findings in the area of neurobiology. At their best, these works will apply across the artificial boundaries separating intellectual disciplines or sensory/motor modalities and support a more comprehensive understanding of neurobiological function and performance.