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Engineering - Mechanical Engineering | Bio-Design and Manufacturing

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Bio-Design and Manufacturing

Bio-Design and Manufacturing

Editors-in-Chief: H.Y. Yang; Z.F. Cui

ISSN: 2096-5524 (print version)
ISSN: 2522-8552 (electronic version)

Journal no. 42242

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  • Focuses on new manufacturing technologies in the field of bio-design & manufacturing
  • Publishes Research articles, Topical reviews, Technical perspectives/Viewpoints, Letters/ Notes /Practice/Case reports
  • Features a prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board
BDM reports new research, new technology and new applications in the field of biomanufacturing, especially 3D bioprinting. As an interdisciplinary field, topics of this journal cover tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, mechanical devices from the perspectives of materials, biology, medicine and mechanical engineering, with a focus on manufacturing science and technology to fulfil the requirement of bio-design.

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Bio-Design and Manufacturing (BDM), launched in 2018, is a new peer-reviewed journal focusing on mechanical engineering, mechatronic devices, and biomedical engineering. It addresses aspects including bioinks and formulation, tissue and organ engineering, medical and diagnostic devices, and bioproducts design, as well as multidisciplinary studies associated with bio-design and manufacturing. In brief, BDM mainly covers the following topics:


    Mechanical Engineering

    ·         Development of novel mechatronic systems for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

    ·         Design of 3D printing strategies and optimization of the biomanufacturing process

    ·         Analysis of processing parameters and their impact on the functionality of bioproducts

    Bioinks and Formulation

    ·         Development of novel bioinks with enhanced biocompatibility and processability

    ·         Formulation of bioinks for tissue-specific construction

    Tissue and Organ Engineering

    ·         Construction of engineered tissues and organs in vitro and in vivo

    ·         Tissue scaffold design and fabrication

    ·         Cell assembly and organoid construction

    Medical and Diagnostic Devices

    ·         Bioreactors

    ·         Organ-on-a-chip

    ·         In vitro disease models

    ·         MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system) devices for medical applications

    Bioproduct Design

    ·         Design of therapeutic products

    ·         Design of cellular products

    ·         Design of macromolecular products

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  • Instructions for Authors

    Instructions for Authors


  • BDMC 2018 (pdf, 509 kB)

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