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New & Forthcoming Titles | International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology (Editorial Board)

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Sung-Hoon Ahn

ISSN: 2288-6206 (print version)
ISSN: 2198-0810 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40684

Sung-Hoon Ahn (Seoul National University, Korea)  ijpem.gt@gmail.com

Joost Duflou (University of Leuven, Belgium) 
Haedo Jeong (Pusan National University, Korea) 
Andrew Yeh-Ching Nee (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Friedrich P. Prinz (Stanford University, USA)
Yoshimi Takeuchi (Chubu University, Japan)
Frank Vollertsen (BIAS - Institute of Applied Beam Technology, Germany) 
Paul K. Wright (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Senior Editor
Dong-Gyu Ahn (Chosun University, Korea)

Suk-Won Cha (Seoul National University, Korea)  
Fengzhou Fang (Tianjin University, China) 
Christoph Herrmann (Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany)
Sohee Jeong (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea)
Sungho Jeong (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Beom Joon Kim (University of Tokyo, Japan) 
Gyu Man Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Changwoo Lee (Changwon National University, Korea)
Mitsutaka Matsumoto (AIST, Japan)
Shreyes Melkote (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Byung-Kwon Min (Yonsei University, Korea)
Sangkee Min (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Simon Park (University of Calgary, Canada)
Young-Bin Park (UNIST, Korea)
Jun Yanagimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Editorial Board
Jihwan An (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Paulo Bartolo (The University of Manchester, UK)
Binayak Bhandari (Woosong University, Korea)
Seung-Hwan Chang (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Heeman Choe (Kookmin University, Korea)
Jae-Won Choi (University of Arkron, USA)
Dae-Geun Choi (Korea Institue of Machinery and Materials, Korea)
Hae-Jin Choi (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Wen Tong Chong (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
Won-Shik Chu (Seoul National University, Korea)
Chih-Hsing Chu (National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan)
Doo-Man Chun (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Randy J. Ellingson (University of Toledo, USA)
Nick Fang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Takayuki Hama (Kyoto University, Japan)
Moneer Helu (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)
Daehie Hong (Korea University, Korea)
Sung-Tae Hong (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Hoon-Eui Jeong (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Martin Byung-Guk Jun (Purdue University, Canada)
Tae June Kang (Inha University, Korea)
Myungchang Kang (Pusan National University, Korea)
Byeong Hee Kim (Kangwon National University, Korea)
Geon Hee Kim (Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea)
Ho-Chan Kim (Andong National University, Korea)
Taek-Soo Kim (KAIST, Korea)
Bo Hyun Kim (Soongsil University, Korea)
Dae-Eun Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)
Dong Sung Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Il Yong Kim (Queens' University, Canada)
Jaehwan Kim (Inha University, Korea)
Joonwon Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Seung Hwan Ko (Seoul National University, Korea)
Gül E. Kremer (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Tsai-Chi Kuo (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan)
Moon-Kyu Kwak (Kyungbook National University, Korea)
C. Sunyong Lee (Hanyang University, Korea)
Choon-Man Lee (Changwon National University, Korea)
Dong-weon Lee (Chonnam National University, Korea)
Min Hwan Lee (University of California, Merced, USA)
Sangwon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Sun-Kyu Lee (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Dongjin Lee (Konkuk University, Korea)
Jinsing Leng (Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
Xiaochun Li (UCLA, USA)
Jing-Yuan Li (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)
Mathias Liewald (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Lutz Mädler (University of Bremen, Germany)
Paolo Martins (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Ramesh Kumar Maskey (Kathmandu University, Nepal)
Amar K. Mohanty (University of Guelph, Canada)
Sang Do Noh (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Ilkwon Oh (KAIST, Korea)
Jitendra Kumar Pandey (University of Petroleum and Energy, India)
Hyung Wook Park (UNIST, Korea)
Yong-Lae Park (Seoul National University, Korea)
Hong-Seok Park (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Hyung Gyu Park (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
In-Kyu Park (KAIST, Korea)
Sanghu Park (Pusan National University, Korea)
Jerry Qi (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Hugo Rodrigue (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Shad Roundy (University of Utah, USA)
Zhongde Shan (China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology, China)
Joon Hyung Shim (Korea University, Korea)
Jennifer Hyunjong Shin (KAIST, Korea)
Ji-won Son (Korea Insitute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Pei-chen Su (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Sebastian Thiede (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)
Hung-Yin Tsai (National Ting Hua University, Taiwan)
Jinkyu Yang (University of Washington, USA)
Seung-Han Yang (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Yong Jin Yoon (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Byeng-Dong Youn (Seoul National University, Korea)
Chris Yingchun Yuan (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
Chunhua Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

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For authors and editors

  • Journal Citation Reports®
    2016 Impact Factor
  • 3.494
  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology accepts original contributions on all aspects of green manufacturing. The journal's specific focus areas include, but are not limited to:  

    Energy Saving and Waste Reduction in Manufacturing Processes
    Subtractive Processes (Machining, Grinding, Laser, Non-traditional Machining, etc)
    Additive Processes (Welding, Bonding, 3D Printing, R2R, etc)
    Material Transform Processes (Forming, Casting, etc)
    Material Trans-property Processes (Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, etc)
    Hybrid Processes
    Multi-scale Processes

    Manufacturing of New and Renewable Energy Devices
    Fuel Cell
    Battery and Capacitor
    Energy Harvesting

    Design and Manufacturing of Green Products
    Machinery (H/W, S/W, Process Planning, etc)
    Automobile (Hybrid, Electric Vehicle, etc)
    Robots (H/W, S/W, Biomimetic, etc)
    Design for Manufacturing (DFM, DFE, DFA)
    Product Using Appropriate Technology

    Materials for Green Manufacturing
    Lightweight Materials and Structures
    Muti-functional Materials
    Eco-Friendly Materials
    Bio/Recyclable Materials
    Energy Harvesting/Conversion/Storage Materials
    Functionally Graded Materials and Structures for Energy Saving
    Smart Materials and Systems
    Micro-/Nano-materials for Green Applications

    Management and Policy for Sustainable Manufacturing
    Energy Monitoring and Control
    Energy and Environment Management
    Government Policy and Strategy
    Green Factory
    Smart Grid and Smart Meter

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  • Instructions for Authors

    Instruction for Authors


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