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Engineering - Electronics & Electrical Engineering | Aims and Scope: Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Aims and Scope: Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering seeks to provide a multidisciplinary forum for a broad blend of peer-reviewed academic papers in order to promote rapid communication and exchanges between scientists in China and abroad. It will reflect the significant advances that are currently being made in universities and academic institutions in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Its coverage includes all main branches of electrical and electronic engineering, both theoretical and applied, including (not limited to) information sciences, signal processing, communication and information systems, control theory and its applications, microwave technology and electromagnetic theory, microelectronics, photoelectric engineering, general electrical engineering, power systems and its automation, electrical machinery and electrical apparatus, high voltage and insulation technology, power electronics and power drives, and applied electronic technology. The journal especially encourages papers in newly emerging and multidisciplinary areas or papers reflecting the international trends of research and development, such as bioinformatics, terahertz technology and its application, micro/nano electronic devices, photoelectric devices, and advanced sensor technology. All published papers will reflect the original thoughts of researchers and practitioners on basic theories, design and new technology in electrical and electronic engineering.