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Energy | Energy, Ecology and Environment

Energy, Ecology and Environment

Energy, Ecology and Environment

Editor-in-Chief: Bin Chen

ISSN: 2363-7692 (print version)
ISSN: 2363-8338 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40974

Special Issues

Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change 

Guest Editors - Georgios K.D. Saharidis

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Water Security 

Guest Editors-Robert C. Brears

In conjunction with the “Our Future Water: Young Water Leaders Berlin Event” (Nov 7, 2018)
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Energy and Sustainability in Small Developing Economies 

Guest Editors- Dr. Lucas Pereira, Dr. Morgado Dias and Dr. Herlander Lima

In conjunction with the International Conference in Energy and Sustainability in Small Developing Economies, July 9-12, 2018
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Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology in Asia-Pacific Region 

in conjunction with the “11th Asia Pacific Conference on Energy and Environmental Technologies” (March 6-10, 2017)

IIWEnNan2016 – Workshop in Environmental Nanotechnology 

Guest Editors - Leonardo F. Fraceto, Renata de Lima, Halley Caixeta de Oliveira, Daiana Silva de Ávila, Bin Chen

The II Workshop on Environmental Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary forum of discussions about the aspects of this new technology, as well as, its innovation in the environmental area, contributing to the education of undergraduate and graduate students and also as an interchange and exchange of experiences among the invited speakers and professors, researchers and students of several post-graduation programs, contributing to the generation and spreading of knowledge in the environmental nanotechnology area. The aim of IIWEnNan special issue is to compile discussions regarding to the aspects related to the environmental applications of Nanotechnology presented during the II Workshop in Environmental Nanotechnology, as well as, the methods and techniques to the study of nanoparticles in the environment. Besides, it will be approached some aspects related to the toxicity of the nanomaterial and its possible impacts in the environment. In this context, the present special issue will be a forum on spread of knowledge and improvement for researchers, professors and undergraduate and graduate students from this research field.
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Energy Efficiency and Engineering Applications 

in conjunction with the “International Energy and Engineering Conference 2016” (Oct 13-14, 2016)

Guest Editors-Dr. Adem Atmaca, Dr. Nihat Atmaca

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Bioremediation of Degraded Soil for Environmental Sustainability 

Guest Editors-P. C. Abhilash, Vishal Tripathi, Leonardo F. Fraceto, Renata Lima, Bin Chen

Soil is an important life supporting system of Earth maintaining biodiversity and other essential ecological functioning like biogeochemical and water cycling, terrestrial carbon cycling, regulating other trace gases emission and also supporting human habitation and developmental activities (Abhilash et al. 2012, Tripathi et al. 2016a). In this backdrop, this special issue is aimed to publish the latest state-of-art developments in bioremediation of polluted and degraded soil for multipurpose environmental benefits.
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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The rising concern about a potential global energy crisis and its impact on the economy and environment calls for a transition from the current development paradigm to a sustainable one. Such a transition poses a significant challenge for scientists, industries and governments requiring innovative energy and environmental policies to save energy and reduce environmental and social impacts. Management towards a low carbon future needs to be cognizant of the social, cultural and institutional as well as the biophysical and geographical context within which it takes place taking advantage of the synergies provided be ecosystem services and technological regimes developing nature-inspired production and consumption systems. There is already plenty of literature on these problems, along with an abundance of journals with disciplinary territories and sharp boundaries on the intellectual landscape. However, we need a problem-oriented forum, transcending disciplinary boundaries, for putting the pieces together promoting informed discussions of an integrated vision of a sustainable human and natural world.  

    Energy, Ecology and Environment (E3) is a cross-discipline forum for investigating the energy production and its impacts on ecosystems and environment, clean energy production, sustainable management of global natural resources, sustainable industrial and agricultural production and emission reduction technologies. Preference is given to papers from theoretical, observational and experimental research having cross and interdisciplinary aspects on following themes at field, landscape, regional or global level.

    • Global energy crisis and its impact on economy and environment
    • Clean and green sources of energy
    • Energy economics including life cycle assessment and auditing
    • Ecological and environmental impacts of energy production including greenhouse gases emission, pollution and climate change
    • Emission reduction, carbon captures and storage including soil carbon sequestration
    • Sustainable management of global natural resources including forest, land, air and water
    • Sustainable industrial and agricultural production
    • Sustainable cities and waste management strategies
    • Advanced energy storage and applications
    • Sustainable transport and intelligent transportation system
    • Sustainable nanotechnology   
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