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Education & Language - Mathematics Education | International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (Editorial Board)

International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Co-Editors-in-Chief: CHRIS RASMUSSEN
Co-Editor-in-Chief: G. Gueudet; E. Nardi

ISSN: 2198-9745 (print version)
ISSN: 2198-9753 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40753

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Chris Rasmussen, USA
Ghislaine Gueudet, France
Elena Nardi, UK

Editorial Board

Lara Alcock, UK
Michèle Artigue, France
Ferdinando Arzarello, Italy
Hyman Bass, USA
Avi Berman, Israel
Rolf Biehler, Germany
Irene Biza, UK
Marcelo Borba, Brazil
David Bressoud, USA
Marilyn Carlson, USA
Marianna Casabò Bosch, Spain
Paul Christian Dawkins, USA
Tommy Dreyfus, Israel
Theodore Eisenberg, Israel
Victor Giraldo, Brazil
Alejandro Gonzalez-Martin, Canada
Ansie Harding, South Africa
Guershon Harel, USA
Celia Hoyles, UK
Nicole Infante, USA
Matthew Inglis, UK
Paola Iannone, UK
Barbara Jaworski, UK
Ivy Kidron, Israel
Oh Nam Kwon, South Korea
Jean-Baptiste Lagrange, France
Sean Larsen, USA
Elise Lockwood, USA
Víctor Martinez-Luaces, Uruguay
Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos, USA
Vilma Mesa, USA
Haynes Miller, USA
John Monaghan, England
Richard Noss, UK
Michael Oehrtman, USA
Juha Oikkonen, Finland
Cécile Ouvrier-Buffet, France
Manya Raman Sundström, Sweden
James Sandefur, USA
Chris Sangwin, UK
Alan Schoenfeld, USA
Annie Selden, USA
Mike Shaughnessy, USA
Anna Sierpinska, Canada
Nathalie Sinclair, Canada
Hortensia Soto-Johnson, USA
Natasha Speer, USA
David Tall, UK
Günter Törner, Germany
Maria Trigueros, Mexico
Cristina Varsavsky, Australia
Megan Wawro, USA
Keith Weber, USA
Hans-Georg Weigand, Germany
Carl Winsløw, Denmark
Leigh Wood, Australia
Michelle Zandieh, USA
Rina Zazkis, Canada


For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education is dedicated to the interests of post secondary mathematics learning and teaching. It welcomes original research, including empirical, theoretical, and methodological reports of learning and teaching of undergraduate and graduate students.


    The journal contains insights on mathematics education from introductory courses such as calculus to higher level courses such as linear algebra, all the way through advanced courses in analysis and abstract algebra. It is also a venue for research that focuses on graduate level mathematics teaching and learning as well as research that examines how mathematicians go about their professional practice. In addition, the journal is an outlet for the publication of mathematics education research conducted in other tertiary settings, such as technical and community colleges. It provides the intellectual foundation for improving university mathematics teaching and learning and it will address specific problems in the secondary-tertiary transition.


    The journal contains original research reports in post-secondary mathematics. Empirical reports must be theoretically and methodologically rigorous. Manuscripts describing theoretical and methodological advances are also welcome.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    Instructions for Authors


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