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Economics | Aims and Scope: Mind & Society

Aims and Scope: Mind & Society

Mind & Society is a high-quality biannual academic journal that examines the relationships between mental and socio-economic phenomena. It is the official journal of the Italian-based Rosselli Foundation.

Priority is given to papers that explore the relationships between mind and action and between action and socio-economic phenomena. This includes the following topics: the concept of mind of social actor; cognitive models of reasoning; decision-making and action; computational and neural models of socio-economic phenomena; and related topics.

The international journal takes an interdisciplinary approach and publishes papers from many academic disciplines. These include: philosophy and methodology of social sciences, economics, decision-making, sociology, cognitive and social psychology, epistemology, cognitive anthropology, artificial intelligence, neural modelling, and political science.

Papers in the journal must share the journal’s epistemological vision – namely, the explanation of socio-economic phenomena through individual action, decision-making and reasoning processes – or at least refer to its content priorities.

Mind & Society publishes papers that report original results of empirical research or theoretical analysis. Each paper submitted for publication is evaluated by a minimum of two international referees who assess its suitability for publication with regard to originality, methodological exactitude and consistency.

Officially cited as: Mind Soc