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Economics - Law & Economics | Aims and Scope: European Journal of Law and Economics

Aims and Scope: European Journal of Law and Economics

European Journal of Law and Economics has been accepted for Social Sciences Citation Index and will first appear with an Impact Factor in the 2010 Journal Citation Reports (JCR), published in June 2011.

The European Journal of Law and Economics provides readers with high quality and empirical research in law and economics. The Journal publishes analytical studies on the impact of legal interventions into economic processes by legislators, courts and regulatory agencies. There is an emphasis on European Community law and the comparative analysis of legal structures and legal problem solutions in member states of the European Community. The editors are particularly interested in papers discussing the institutional (and) legal prerequisites for efficient market operation both in the European Community and in the new European market economies. Case studies are welcome, as are the analyses of proposed legislation and court cases. The Journal also publishes literature surveys, review articles, and book reviews and notes. Finally, important developments and topics in law and economics analysis will be documented and examined in special issues dedicated to that subject.

As its name says, the Journal focuses on European Law and Economics. Approximately two thirds of the board members and consulting editors, as well as of the submitted papers, are from Europe. The ideal article exploits the large institutional diversity in European legal reality in order to build a more robust body of theory. Referees are chosen with two criteria in mind: One referee should have a European, the other an American background; simultaneously, one should be a lawyer and the other an economist. The journal is edited for readability; both lawyers and economists, scholars and specialized practitioners count among its readers.

Officially cited as: Eur J Law Econ

RePEc ranks the journal 267th out of 511 listed journals.