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Economics - International Economics / European Integration | Aims and Scope: Studies on Russian Economic Development

Aims and Scope: Studies on Russian Economic Development

Studies on Russian Economic Development (Problemy prognozirovaniya) is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Economic Forecasting, Russian Academy of Sciences. The journal publishes research works by leading Russian specialists dedicated to topical problems in Russia’s socioeconomic growth. The main feature of the journal is its large collection of papers examining short-term, mid-term, and longterm forecasts of not only the Russian economy as a whole, but also individual sectors of it. A significant portion is occupied by papers presenting the results of empirical applied scientific research into specific economic problems of enterprises, branches, and regions. The journal contains a model tool set that assists in obtaining numerical estimates in economic forecasts, as well as a large amount of factual and numerical information on the dynamic of socioeconomic processes in Russia.
The journal represents a valuable resource for professional researchers and analysts; for specialists making decisions in working out socioeconomic policy; and for teachers and students at the university and graduate-school level.