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Economics - International Economics / European Integration | Aims and Scope: Empirica

Aims and Scope: Empirica

The Empirica publishes empirical and theoretical work on all economic aspects of European Integration. The topics may range from all challenges concerning the deepening of the European Union (Single Market, Lisbon Agenda, EMU) to enlargement and the external relations of the EU (globalisation). This implies studies on the present status of as well as the future trends of the Single Market (competition policy, innovation systems, growth policy aspects addressed by the Lisbon Agenda, labour market and product market reforms, exploring the advancement towards a common social model) and the further development of the EU’s economic order and economic system as well as all problems of economic and social policy. The still incomplete EMU offers many areas of research in particular connected with the asymmetric architecture of its policy (central monetary, de-central – but co-ordinated - economic policy) and with the relationship (and its economic impact) between the "Euro-ins" and the "Euro-outs".

The growing power of the EU in the world opens up many fields of analysis: all aspects of its external relation - to its neighbours via the European Neighbourhood Policy, to the Mediterranean countries via the "Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean" and to all other third countries as well as a particular need for research results from the vast field of issues concerning the WTO activities (trade, services, Dispute Settlement). Europe’s response to globalisation and its strategies to cope with these new challenges open up a wide range of research questions.

Contributions from inside as well as from outside Europe are welcome. European Integration is not only restricted to the development of the EU but can include aspects concerning single European countries as well as relations between EU and non-EU countries.

Each yearly volume includes an issue with the Proceedings (selected papers) from that year’s Austrian Economic Association’s congress. Additionally, one issue is published under the lead of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) which conducts international projects in cooperation with international (European) teams as well as projects commissioned by the European Commission.

Officially cited as: Empirica