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Economics - Industrial Organization | Aims and Scope: Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

Aims and Scope: Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

The Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade publishes research on industry, competition and trade policy. It investigates the microeconomic foundation of industrial strategy, innovation, competition, and trade policy and it concentrates on the functioning of product markets (goods and services).

Despite the growing interest in theoretical economic policy, the gap between theory and real life remains a wide one. Many new economic theories and models have been developed, few of them are screened for policy conclusion and most of them are not motivated to answer questions raised by real world problems, industrial strategies or policy issues. Game theoretical models have increased our understanding of the sources of and obstacles to innovation, of the working of markets and of strategic interactions. Models also explain how institutions, consumers and firms interact, how they shape their environment and how incentives influence behaviour. The missing link has been the failure to adequately confront these theoretical findings with empirical facts. The even larger gap between theory and its application in economic policy will be addressed by the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. It serves as a forum for dialogue between economists from academia and (national or international) policy circles, and between theory and practice.

The journal focuses on two transmission processes:

It promotes confronting theories with facts and will encourage facts to influence the model building.

It focuses on policy conclusions from the applied theoretical research and will promote policy questions to be investigated by researchers.

In addition to the Editorial Board, the journal has a Policy Board in which economists currently working in government, competition policy authorities, and international organizations (European Commission, OECD, WTO, Department of Justice, etc.) facilitate the transmission process between academia and economic policy.

The Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade publishes original material in the areas of trade, competition and industrial policy. Articles aim to build bridges between theory, empirical work and policy application. Theoretical articles without explicit empirical implications will not be accepted, nor will descriptions of institutions and policy measures, which do not relate to theoretical models.

Each volume will contain four invited surveys and approximately ten submitted papers. Two of the invited surveys (thirty pages) will be written by academics, two by economists in institutions. Each survey is discussed by four discussants (with partly opposite background).

Officially cited as: J Ind Compet Trade