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Special Issue of Economia e Politica Industriale - Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 

Resource (mis)allocation, innovation and the competitiveness of Europe

Guest Editors:
Chiara Criscuolo*, Mika Maliranta** and Angelo Secchi***
* Science Technology and Industry Directorate, OECD, Paris, chiara.criscuolo@oecd.org
** ETLA, Helsinki and University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, mika.maliranta@etla.fi
*** Paris School of Economics and Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, angelo.secchi@univ-paris1.fr
Background and objectives of the special issue
Investment in innovation and knowledge based capital (KBC) has been rising across Europe and OECD countries. In some countries KBC is larger as a share of GDP than investment in physical capital and it is more likely that tangible resources are reallocated to firms that invest in KBC. The extent to which differences exist across countries – within Europe and between Europe and other OECD countries – may be related to firm heterogeneity in terms of size, age, technological specialization, the radicalness of the innovation. This has important implications for the productivity growth.
Policies that facilitate the reallocation of resources are therefore key in overcoming the inherent obstacles to an efficient use of resources in modern economies. Policies that relate to wellfunctioning product and labour markets and bankruptcy legislation might help encouraging firms to experiment in face of uncertain growth opportunities. Policies that guarantee the availability of financial capital and in particular high-risk capital as well as human capital and innovation policies are key in making possible for innovating firms to thrive and create jobs.
The aim of the special issue is to describe, analyze and improve our understanding of these issues collecting original contributions on the following topics:
• determinants and drivers of innovation and knowledge based capital;
• reallocation processes and firm dynamics;
• productivity growth;
• role of human and financial capital for entrepreneurship, innovation and growth;
• role of policies in affecting resource reallocation, growth and entrepreneurship;
• determinants and drivers of the competitiveness of countries; with a special emphasis on EU or on comparative analysis involving EU countries.
Submissions to the special issue should be made electronically to http://www.springer.com/economics/industrial+organization/journal/40812 (Submit Online). Authors need to clearly indicate in their submission information and letter that their manuscript is for the Special Issue on Resource (mis)allocation, innovation and the competitiveness of Europe.
All submissions will be subject to the standard single blind review process followed by the journal. All manuscripts must be original, unpublished works that are not concurrently under review for publication elsewhere. All submissions should conform to the manuscript submission guidelines available at:
The publication of the special issue is expected either in the last issue of 2015 or the first issue of 2016. Questions about this special issue may be directed to any of the guest editors at their email addresses provided above.