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Aims and Scope: Pain Digest

To publish bimonthly an international multidisciplinary journal on pain that will provide its readership with an up-to-date knowledge of the research, evaluation methods, and techniques of pain management. The present literature on pain medicine is diverse and published in a variety of basic and clinical speciality journals. For a practitioner to subscribe to all the venues needed to cover the field of pain medicine would be impractical, if not impossible. Likewise, a literature search can be cumbersome, costly, and entirely unavailable in some areas.

A multidisciplinary journal, Pain Digest is conceived as a convenient, cost-efficient way to resolve these dilemmas. By abstracting a wide range of journal articles and publishing invited review articles, the journal will provide a comprehensive means of surveying developments in the numerous areas that are important to a practitioner.

This journal is intended to serve those in all disciplines who are interested and engaged in the practice of pain management. It also is intended to be a resource tool for government agencies, third-party insurance carriers, worker's compensation bureaus, and universities.

Pain Digest will appeal to multiple clinical specialists, but also will recruit experts from a wide array of disciplines who will ensure a comprehensive review of relevant literature from diverse sources