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Aims and Scope: Global Business Perspectives

Global Business Perspectives (GBP) is a multidisciplinary journal of the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM). It places great emphasis on manuscript quality and the potential impact on stakeholders in the field of business and management and related disciplines.

GBP seeks to publish high quality manuscripts that engage theoretical and empirical issues in business and management in the broad sense, as well as contributing to the advancement of the field of business and the interface between management and other disciplines. The Journal will also publish case studies with important practical implications, articles that contain advice on how to publish in the INBAM Association journals, papers related to learning and teaching in business and management and finally, reviews of major books. 

One of the principal missions of GBP is to provide opportunities for up-and-coming researchers to publish their work and receive feedback directly from editors of leading journals of business and management. GBP welcomes innovative research that challenges and questions previously established theories and schools of thoughts.

The Journal is receptive to different philosophical perspectives and levels of analysis ranging from micro to macro analyses. Especially welcome are manuscripts that integrate theory and research from areas such as entrepreneurship, psychology, human resources, SMEs, internationalization, services, information systems, marketing, knowledge, operations management, innovation, technology, project management, finance, etc.

The Journal’s scope encompasses the diverse and complex characteristics of business and management in local, regional, national and international markets, focusing on both the for-profit and non-profit areas that lead to competitiveness in the face of the effects of globalization. Though preferences are given to manuscripts that are international in scope, papers focused on domestic contexts and issues are also welcome, in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and potential generalizability of findings worldwide. 

Submission of a paper to GBP implies that it contains original, unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Every article published in GBP will have benefitted from a double blind review process to ensure that its quality and relevance is appropriate for the GBP readership. Papers are submitted electronically to the Editorial Manager platform.

List of keywords that adequately describe the journal:

Entrepreneurship, human resources, SMEs, small business, start-ups, business succession, internationalization, finance, financial management, operations management, psychology, services, information systems, marketing, knowledge, innovation, strategy, technology, project management, globalization, economics, quality, organization etc.