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Earth Sciences & Geography - Geochemistry - Metasomatism | Springer Workshop at Goldschmidt

The Role of Metasomatism in Geological Processes - Short Course at Goldschmidt 2012

23 June 2012, Amphitheater (room SH-2800) of the Université du Québec à Montréal

Just before the 2012 Goldschmidt conference in Montréal we held a workshop focused on Metasomatism. The goal of this workshop was to bring together a diverse group of geologists and geochemists, each with extensive experience regarding one or more aspects of metasomatism during geologic processes, to outline the basis of our current understanding of how metasomatism influences and helps to control both the evolution and stability of the crust and lithospheric mantle on the Earth and on other planetary bodies.
The workshop was a result of the cooperation lead by Dan Harlov and Håkon Austrheim to edit the volume:

Metasomatism and the Chemical Transformation of Rock: 

The Role of Fluids in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Processes

Published by Springer in 2012 in its Lecture Notes in Earth System Science series.
The workshop was
  • Chaired by Dan Harlov and Håkon Austrheim
  • Organized and sponsored by SPRINGER
  • And Co-hosted by Springer and the GEOTOP research center
Below you will find the itinerary of the workshop and links to the presentations. Not all Chapter authors could make it to Montréal so there is not a presentation for every single chapter. However, most could make it and for a few chapters colleagues and co-authors stepped into make presentations on behalf of the lead authors.
We would like to thank all who participated in the workshop and hope that the presentations and accompanying book will serve as a foundation and inspiration for the interested student or researcher to further extend our insights and understanding regarding the role of metasomatic processes not just on the Earth but on any terrestrial world on which liquid H2O is found.

Workshop Itinerary 

Introductory remarksDaniel Harlov
The chemical composition of metasomatic fluids in the crust (Download)Bruce Yardley
Structural controls of metasomatism on a regional scale (Download)Michael Rubennach
Mechanisms of metasomatism and metamorphism on the local mineral scale: The role of dissolution-reprecipitation during mineral re-equilibration (Download) Andrew Putnis
Geochronology of metasomatic events (Download) Igor Villa and Michael Williams
Metasomatism within the oceanic crust (Download)Wolfgang Bach and Frieder Klein
Metasomatism in subduction zones of subducted Oceanic slabs, mantle wedges, and the slab-mantle interface and its relation to eclogite and blueschist metamorphism (Download)Horst Marschall
Prograde, peak and retrograde metamorphic fluids and associated metasomatism in upper amphibolite - to granulite-facies transition zones (Download)Jacques Touret
Mantle metasomatism (Download)Sue O’Reilly and Bill Griffin
Mapping the distribution of fluids in the crust and lithospheric mantle utilizing geophysical methods (Download)Martyn Unsworth
Metasomatism in the early solar system: the record from chondritic meteorites (Download) Adrian Brearley
Future directions (Download)Håkon Austrheim